Wednesday 16 September 2009

Mobile HCI 2009 Keynote by Jun Rekimoto

The opening keynote of MobileHCI 2009 in Bonn was given by Jun Rekimoto. He showed selected work that he did over the last year and showed that some of the far out concepts (from a few years ago) are becoming products now - augmented reality with playing cards as one example and WIFI based location using placeEngine.

Context also featured in his talk: but there was little new in it - still where when why who what how. He suggested the notion of sensonomy (as folksonomy - just for sensor information). I can see the value of share sensor information but the concept sensonomy remains fuzzy - at least for me. Perhaps we hear more about this in the future.

In the final part of the talk he moved to life-logging - but not for humans but for cats (or pets in more general). I think the work is interesting and he clearly showed that this is enterainment computing (not entertainment for the cat - for the human). Pets are an interesting area: they are still a major form of entertainment and people are willing to spend a lot on it…