Wednesday 14 July 2010

Pervasive Editorial Board Meeting in Santa Clara

The IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine is one of 4 magazines I still read in paper (the others are IEEE Computer, Communications of the ACM, and Interactions) and we had interesting discussions how we read/consume magazine content in the future. In the near future it seems likely to me that we will get more choice and will use more different media. For the Pervasive Magazine we will over the next month experiment with some new ideas. There is a new faccbook page:

It was for me the first editorial board meeting of the IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine and I was impressed by the people :-) We discussed the upcoming special issues for the magazine - and I am thrilled that one will be on automotive pervasive computing! The call will be published in the next weeks. The magazine has a set of departments and we discussed how to move these forward. It is exiting that we will have a new department that will provide short tutorials on research methods and I am looking forward to contribute in a department on new pervasive computing devices.

Prior to the meeting there was an interesting workshop at Intel in Santa Clara looking a future challenges and opportunities from ubicomp research.

PS: Satya suggested a book: The Shallows - What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr.