Thursday 9 September 2010

Tobii Mobile Eye-Tracker

After quite some time of announcements and paper presentation Tobii showed a beta version of their mobile eye tracker at Mobile HCI 2010. It is small and lightweight but requires a import phase after recording. It seems well suited to do classical studies (e.g. you have people doing some task and you analyse afterwards what they looked at) but of little use for interactive application (e.g. the system reacts in real-time to the users gaze). Technically the glasses record the video and gaze information on a memory card. After the recording this needs than to be "imported" on the PC. After the import the gaze is superimposed over the recorded video. Tobii also provides active markers that can be attached to objects and regions to ease post processing and analysis. The price tag in Europe is just below 20.000€. SMI has a similar product: IVIEW X HED.