Saturday 5 March 2011

Lab Tour on arrival in Tokyo

After a long day/night of travelling I arrived in Tokyo. Arriving at the hotel we were met by our Japanese Colleague Yoshito Tobe and guided us to a Lab tour in the afternoon. We went by train to the Morikawa Labs in the Komaba Research Campus at the University of Tokyo.

At the lab students from different group showed us their work and discussed their ideas with us. To mention only a few things I got to try out a tutoring system for Japanese calligraphy, we saw prototypes for phone based urban sensing, and saw an implementation of a system that communicates between two devices using accelerometers and vibration motors [1].

After the tour we went up a tower building to look at the sunset above Tokyo and we even had a view on Mount Fuji. And as the observation floor is a touristy place there are all sorts of interesting things - and I operated a nice machine to get a puri-CUBE.

Some more photos are available at: (facebook account required) or public on flickr.

[1] vib-connect: A Device Selecting Interface Using Vibration by Hiroshi Nakahara et al. Demo at IOT 2010.