Wednesday 8 February 2017

Internship Opportunity in Stuttgart

The Intuity Media Lab ( is currently looking for an intern (PhD student or Master student) for the research project DAAN ( The intern will work in close cooperation with the HCI group from Albrecht Schmidt at the University of Stuttgart (

The DAAN project investigates a technical platform, which supports Aging in Place especially for seniors with mental or cognitive illnesses. The supporting notification system consists of two phases. In the learning phase, the system adjusts to the respective user's behavior and daily activities. In the executive phase the systems support the seniors in their daily activities with providing courses of action and relevant information in context. The system shows the provided courses of actions unobtrusively with ambient and adaptive notifications. Therefore, the system will support multi-modal interfaces embedded in the user's home to interact with user's home devices.

The task for the intern is to build and evaluate prototypes which support older adults in their daily lives. Our main focus for such a system is a smart calendar application that supports to maintain an active life. The calendar application can be connected to various physical designs or ambient notification systems. Also, the calendar can support multiple input methods to add manually or automatically new appointments into the digital calendar. If you are interested, please let contact us at The internship could be between 3 and 6 months and the starting date is flexible.