Tuesday 8 May 2007

Ensuring Privacy - trust in the physical

After having a really interesting discussion on privacy with a student at CDTM with regard to implicit interaction I saw the depicted privacy solution on the train back to Bonn. The woman had her notebook camera disabled – not in software – but physically with a scotch tape and a piece of paper. Such solutions are not uncommon and remind one impressively that people want tangible control over their privacy. It seems that people trust in the physical much more than the virtual – and for a good reason.

I reduced the size of the picture as she was preparing an exam paper (school, 7th grade math) and in full resolution details are readable - so much about privacy. One could make that mental note not to edit/view any private document on the train even in small print as it is very quick to talk a phone (even with a phone) and read it afterwards ;-)


WG42 said...
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WG42 said...

This reminds me of the good old iSight camera I'm using in my kitchen. To switch it off, you can turn the head of the camera and a white lid is physically closing (as well as the camera is not sending any more an image).