Friday, 21 December 2007

UI matters - usability as the selling point

When driving back from a Workshop with the ART group of Fraunhofer IAIS at Naafs Häuschen I saw some interesting posters. A new car-related portal for selling and buying cars ( has an interesting advertising campaign out. The only argument is on an easy to use and quick user interface – nothing else. So far many of them have tried to argue with the largest set of offers, but recently many of the major players ( and have improved their user interfaces.

It seems that a broader awareness for the user interface – basically that you sell based on your user interface – has finally arrived in Germany, too.


Nic said...

I really like these designs for single-purpose mathematical machines - I have a cylindrical Otis King multiplying/divinsion calculator that has always fascinated me.

(like this one:

It's nice to think about how the physical shape of an object both allows and (maybe more importantly) constrains the actions you can perform on/with it, in such a way that the mathematical "program" is encapsulated in a physical form.

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