Thursday 14 May 2009

Tutorials at Pervasive, HCI Library

I did a tutorial on Mobile Human Computer interaction at Pervasive 2009. The tutorial tried to give an overview of challenges of mobile HCI and was partly based on last year's tutorial day at MobileHCI2008 in Amsterdam. For the slides from last year have a look at:

Listening to Marc Langheinrich's tutorial on privacy I remembered that that I still have the photos of his HCI library - and to not forget them I upload them. Marc highlighted the risk of data analysis with the AOL Stalker example (some comments about the AOL Stalker). His overall tutorial is always good to hear and has many inspring issues - even so I am not agreeing with all the conclusions ;-)

For me seeing the books my collegues use on a certain topic still works better than the amazon recommendations I get ;-) perhaps people (or we?) should work harder on using social network based product recommendation systems…