Sunday 27 February 2011

Storytelling for advertising

I just watched one of my favorite adverts on UK TV (

It is amazing that they have implemented a complete website for comparing meerkats (I especially like the meerkat in Berlin wearing flippers). Not sure however how well it works as I have never visited the website it is advertising for… (but I do remember the name, hence it worked somehow).

There are a lot of new ways for story telling on the web. I like the article by Jim Miller that was 2005 in the interaction magazine [1] that discusses a case study of web based storytelling and how it may evolve. It talks about how to create and unfold a story using multiple web sites. This is pre-facebook and I think the possibilities now are even greater. I wonder if based on this one could create a class project on web user interfaces.

[1] Jim Miller. 2005. Storytelling evolves on the web: case study: EXOCOG and the future of storytelling. interactions 12, 1 (January 2005), 30-47. DOI=10.1145/1041280.1041281