Friday 30 July 2010

Call for Papers: IEEE Pervasive Computing special Issue on Automotive Pervasive Computing

Next year will be a special issue of the IEEE Pervasive Computing magazine on Automotive Pervasive Computing. I am honored to edit this issue together with Joe Paradiso and Brian Noble :-) The submission deadline for full papers is October 1st and work in progress one month later - see the call for papers for details.

Cars have become an interesting and challenging microcosm for pervasive computing research and we invite articles relating to pervasive computing in the automotive context. Examples of relevant topics are:

Sensing and context in automotive environments
  • Pervasive sensor systems in the car
  • Use of sensors and context for automotive applications
  • Contextual vehicular applications
  • Collaborative sensing with multiple cars

Automotive user interfaces
  • Concepts for in-car user interfaces based on pervasive computing techology
  • Multi-modal interaction in the car
  • Detecting user intentions, emotions, and distraction
  • User interfaces for assistive functionality and autonomous driving
  • Applications of car to car communication

Pervasive computing applications in the car
  • Contextual information and navigation systems
  • Technologies to improve media consumption while driving
  • Communication appliances for drivers and passengers
  • In-car pervasive gaming for passengers and drivers

Experience with pervasive computing in the car
  • Experiences with pervasive computing technologies in cars
  • Case studies of automotive pervasive computing
  • Ethnographic work on the use of technologies in cars

For details see the cfp at: