Tuesday 7 September 2010

Opening of MobileHCI 2010

Over 300 participants from 5 continents came to Lisbon for MobileHCI 2010. This year's conference had a very high nigh number of submission and a very low acceptance rate (23% for full papers, below 20% for short papers). Looking back over the last 10 years it is amazing how this community has grown!

The statistics also shows the conference has a strong European focus (in contrast to CHI and UIST that are US dominated). Over the next years we want to make the Mobile HCI conference more international and attract more submissions and participation from around the world and in particular for the US. The plan is to have the conference 2012 in the US. Next year I will help (as paper co-chair) to run mobile HCI 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden. If you have ideas how to make the conference more attractive to people in America and Asia please let me know!

The deadline for submitting to mobile HCI 2011 is Janaury 28th, 2011.